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From autonomous vehicles and drones, to the use of augmented reality, applications for IoT and analytics and mission critical communication solutions: the common thread throughout digitalization is the mobile network. To be highly reliable, it must be able to handle huge volumes of data at an ultralow latency. And that is exactly what 5G does.

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Thanks to multiple partnerships across Belgium, four test centers were set up where businesses can try and compare existing and new concepts in a realistic environment and for a complete process flow. Discover them here.

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5G private network

Why choose for a 5G Private Network?

With low latency, high bandwidth, and complementary integration with Wi-Fi, 5G Private Networks deliver the conditions necessary for the next steps in automation and digitalization.


5G is built to be extremely reliable in every aspect of the network. All equipment is operator-grade, offering the hardware configuration with the highest possible quality.

This operator-grade equipment is using interference-free operator spectrum, what means that interference on the network – coming from other users – is impossible.

Data security

5G offers a high level of protection, with new security features against threats. One essential characteristic of 5G Private Networks is that the data remains within the private network.

This way, 5G Private Networks remove specific concerns about the security and the location of company data.


A 5G Private Network brings all advantages of 5G to the private network of an organization. In the first place, it is about the availability of bandwidth and a reduction of latency to almost zero.

That not only offers more possibilities for autonomous vehicles and drones, but also for the next step in the field of industrial IoT.

5G and Wi-Fi: complementary solutions

Above all, 5G Private Networks offer the absolute conditions for further digitalization and automation: reliable connectivity with a high bandwidth and low latency.

At the same time, Wi-Fi remains the right solution for connectivity suited to the traditional ‘indoor’ office environment.


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A 5G Private Network offers innovative solutions beyond enterprise limitations, enabling new approaches to work and problem-solving. 5G Private Networks are poised to revolutionize the way businesses operate, making them more efficient, productive, and competitive.

Why Proximus?

What we offer

The components of our 5G Private Network offer

  • Wireless spectrum provided by Proximus
  • Infrastructure equipment: base stations, mini-towers, cells,…
  • Peripheral equipment: smartphones, integrated modules, routers,…
  • SIM cards and modems to connect your devices to the 5G Private Network

A support throughout
the entire lifecycle of your project

  • Mapping of the organization’s needs and environment
  • Development of business cases and ROI analysis
  • Deployment, integration and testing of the 5G Private Network
  • Managed services proposal for further monitoring and maintenance


Is a 5G Private Network the right fit for your organisation?

We have several trial solutions available that allow you to test out and validate a 5G Private Network before making larger investments. Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your organisation, we have different trial solutions available. You can run the test at a location of your choice, including your own site.

Would you like to test what it would be like to implement a 5G Private Network in your company? Contact us and together we will see which trial solution best suits your situation.

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